I need them to tell us exactly how their portmanteau is styled. Is it J-Rod? Or is it JRod? I prefer Jrod. As in capital “J”, lower case “r”. We’ll go with J-Rod for now, I guess? 

J-Rod is spending their first Thanksgiving together. Remember, they’ve only been a couple since the beginning of this year. At the end of last year, during the Celebrity Predictions segment of our Gossip Special on The Social, I predicted that JLO would be engaged again in 2017 since it’s been so long since her last engagement/marriage. 

In that time, J-Rod became a thing. And they were featured together on the cover of Vanity Fair. Isn’t that pretty much an engagement portrait? Now they’re blending families for the holidays. And their kids are all dressed in the same pyjamas. 


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I WIN, Kathleen. I WIN. 

Kathleen is insisting that I’m not totally 100% right until there’s a ring on her finger. The way I see it, the Vanity Fair cover photo is basically a ring. Please @ Kathleen and tell her I win.