Jennifer Lopez is in New York today, continuing to promote the release of her new album, This is Me…Now, and the accompanying musical film, streaming tomorrow on Amazon, followed by the documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, on February 27. 


That title, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, is something Ben Affleck wrote to her in one of his letters when they were getting back together. And he shows up in the doc and also apparently shoots some of it while asking her questions, like an interview. Or like Warren Beatty in Truth or Dare, lol. Have I mentioned that I will be watching the sh-t out of this thing? 


Anyway, it’s not just the album and the film and the doc for JLo – this is an extravaganza. This morning she announced a summer tour from June to August stopping in something like 30 cities, including Toronto, where I live. Which means I have to go. I’ve never seen JLo in concert, I didn’t make it to Vegas. This is a professional obligation! 


Then, because timing is always a factor, right after she dropped the tour news, the Met Gala co-chairs were announced. I wrote about Zendaya in the previous post, and JLo will join her, along with Bad Bunny and Chris Hemsworth. Chris posted about it on Instagram:

I really, really want this to be real, this group chat. And for Tom Holland to make a cameo now and again, Spider-Man and Thor…that will result in Bad Bunny’s Spider-Man spinoff project to get resurrected. As for JLo? This is why Duana called her Teflon – because she’s always looking ahead. No matter what happens tomorrow and the week after with the album and the films, she’ll be headlining those steps at the Met on fashion’s biggest night. 


If we’re talking about the response to the album and the films, though, the reviews so far have actually been pretty good. I’m not saying all the critics are loving it, but it’s not getting ravaged either. In fact, many of the reviews are really positive. The Daily Beast called it a “masterful…rebuttal to all the doubters”. EW says it’s “enjoyably bizarre” - and that’s exactly what I’m after. That what’s the trailer promised, that’s what I’m here for. Might have to get up an hour early tomorrow morning just to watch. 


Back to JLo at the Met Gala though – she’s been several times before. But as I said in my post about Zendaya, you take it to another level when you’re the co-chair. JLo has a strong relationship with Ralph Lauren so that’s the safest prediction of what fashion house she’d be representing but Jonathan Anderson is the designer co-chair this year and, well, I’d love to see what she’d look like at the Met Gala in Loewe. 

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