In my last post about Jennifer Lopez, I wrote – and not even jokingly – that we were in a sort of Bennifer drought, because by their standards, they hadn’t been photographed together in almost a month. That’s not to say that that’s a problem, I was simply pointing out that for all the noise about them and how they love the attention – I mean, sure, maybe they do on occasion but they actually don’t from time to time. And we’ve just seen a recent example of them keeping it quiet. In fact, it was a pretty quiet summer for them overall as both have managed to keep their relationship relatively behind the scenes for at least the last quarter. 


Still, the people need to be fed. And they fed us this weekend, stepping out at the flea market together alongside JLo’s child, Emme (not pictured). They look cute and coordinated and …chill. It’s been over two years now since they first got back together. It’s been over a year since they got married. This is what they say has always been the goal: no drama, no mess. Like of course they were a heatscore when they decided to be revive Bennifer but encouraging and staying at that level of heat ultimately can’t be healthy for a relationship. So dipping out of it isn’t a bad move. 

In other JLo news though, finally we’re getting some action on her new album, This Is Me…Now. Which she started promoting TEN MONTHS AGO, back in November 2022. In the latest installment of her newsletter, On the JLo, she’d be performing music from the album during her exclusive with Apple Music Live at The Orpheum Theatre in LA on September 21, this coming Thursday. Registration was open to subscribers…and is now closed due to demand


What’s unclear is exactly when the album will drop. Presumably the next day? Friday September 22 when new music typically releases? Like four days from now? Even though she hasn’t really done much of a push recently in terms of promotion? I feel like she’s been promoting DeLola more than she’s been promoting the album. So if the release really is on Friday, again by her standards, that’s quiet too.  

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