After spending time on the yacht in Italy for several days, Jennifer Lopez is now back in New York. She was seen in the city doing some shopping in flip-flops yesterday


The photos attached to this post are from a few days ago in Positano where she was seen working out on the lawn. Apparently she was also working on a new music video there. I f-cking hate working out outside, I don’t know why people love it so much. Like working out is bad enough, why do we need to overheat? Please blast the air conditioning in my face when I am sweating and hating every minute of it, thank you. 

Back to yesterday though because August 15 is Ben Affleck’s birthday and after I saw the pap photos of her in NYC, I checked her Instagram, right before I went to bed, to see if she’d posted something for him because, well, that’s what she does. This was around 11pm ET and she hadn’t mentioned him – and I thought to myself… are people going to read into this? Is this something to be read into if she’s not with him on his birthday? 


Anyway, none of that matters now because she did post, a video she’s been saving for the occasion of the two of them in the car singing along to Sam Cooke. 

So why aren’t they together? 


As I mentioned last week Ben was seen in Venice greeting Jennifer Garner and their kids and I wondered, since they were all in Italy, whether or not there would be a big family meetup. Ben ended up heading to Turkey with his kids and then from there they went to Dubai. Presumably then, she was working and what he wanted for his birthday was a trip with his children.