Page Six had all kinds of details about the Bennifer weekend wedding reception in Savannah leading up to the event, including the fact that Jennifer Lopez would be wearing Ralph Lauren and that Jay Shetty would be officiating. They also reported that Vogue would be covering it… 


Vogue has yet to publish anything at the time of this writing (about noon ET on 23 August). But JLo did post to Instagram today. 

Which has me checking my inbox for the On The JLo newsletter. I haven’t gotten anything as of this post, have you? I’ve also checked Twitter and it doesn’t seem like anyone has any shots from the wedding beyond this one of her face behind the veil. I would assume, then, that this is a teaser, an encouragement for people to sign up for the newsletter and get it delivered straight from her.


But…what about Vogue? 

I mean, it’s possible that Page Six got a bunch of other exclusives like the officiant and dress designer and took a swing with the Vogue thing and missed. But you would also assume that they’d verify with whatever sources gave them the info about the officiant and the dress about the Vogue coverage so I’m intrigued about what’s going on here. 

It still very well may be that Vogue will have the shots and that JLo will also include some pictures on her newsletter but if I were Vogue, I’d be like…what’s the point? Either we get the exclusive or we don’t. 


And then there’s the whole issue of the wedding location – on Ben’s property, which has been controversial because it used to be the site of a plantation and the house was built in 2000 in “plantation style”. As I wrote in my post about this yesterday:

“It's a happy occasion for Bennifer but the optics aren’t great – which is an understatement. So that’s another thing to consider while we wait for this Vogue feature, if indeed there will be a Vogue feature. Vogue also has to consider the optics of it since they consider themselves the style bible and, well, if they’re praising the style of a wedding that took place on these grounds, and is meant to influence so many others, they just might be stepping in it too.”

What, exactly, is going on here? Or is there nothing going on and Page Six simply got it wrong? I initially expected that she’d share the wedding On The JLo until Page Six reported that it would be Vogue so maybe it’ll be revealed the way it was always supposed to be revealed? If there’s inside baseball here on this situation, I’m dying to know. 


Checking my inbox in the meantime.   

In other Bennifer news, etalk happened to have an interview scheduled with Kevin Smith yesterday. Joanna was the one who talked to him and we’ll have his comments about being at the wedding on our show tonight. Here’s a preview of what he said: 

“I absolutely saw one of those top ten [moments of pure beauty] this weekend.”