Dear Gossips, 

Jennifer Lopez released “Can’t Get Enough” yesterday, the first single off her upcoming album, This is Me … Now. The song is so her, once you hear it all the way through you understand why it appealed to her – because you can see her performing it, you can see how it plays to her strengths. And that’s what we get in the video, especially during the dance breaks as JLo serves choreo, dancing as well as she’s ever danced, at a level she’s maintained now for 30 years. THIRTY YEARS!


The video for “Can’t Get Enough” is fun and funny. This is JLo making fun of JLo and not just with the rotating cast of grooms and the wedding guests taking bets on how long before each marriage lasts but even with the fashion. I laughed out loud at the opening shot of her in that wedding dress because there’s a sheer cutout of a heart pretty much right before her crotch, and after she and the first groom take their vows and start dancing, they thrust their hips toward the camera, she’s still in that dress, so the sheer part is riding up and given the cheekiness of the whole thing, it feels like a taunt; she is taunting the trolls, the people who have been for decades now bitching at her for one thing or another – all her marriages, how she dresses, showing off her body… whatever it is that they’re mad about, JLo is giving them more, while somehow still loving love. Even when she’s feeding the haters, JLo is selling love.


But the video doesn’t end on love. In the final moments, it appears that JLo and whoever it is she’s married to at the time are in therapy and all she hears is his complaining about her – that she works too much, that she treats him like an employee, that she’s always hustling… basically all the things she’s criticised for, and then it says “to be continued”, building anticipation for the film that will accompany the release of the full album in February, cowritten with Ben Affleck. 


This is JLo getting super personal, as she often does, about her relationship(s) and perhaps giving us some insight into some of struggles she’s had over the years as she has fallen in and out and back in love over and over again. In other words, JLo is gossiping about herself. How can we possibly be mad at that?!

JLo was on Apple Music with Zane Lowe yesterday to promote the single and she was asked about that moment that went viral on the Golden Globes red carpet with Brie Larson. I posted about this in our coverage on Monday, follow that link if you missed it. Brie basically freaked out when she met JLo, like almost to the point of tears. And in particular Brie told JLo that she admired her work ethic. 


Zane asked her about the encounter and she told him that it probably meant more to her than it did to Brie

"It brings tears to my eyes now because it's very moving," the 54-year-old told Apple Music's Zane Lowe on Wednesday. "You give your heart and soul to this, and when you're an artist, I think you know that and understand that. "I remember being a little girl and watching West Side Story and seeing Rita Moreno and knowing what that meant for me," she added. "When I was looking at Brie and I saw her, and I was just staring in her eyes, because she was so locked in with me and just like, 'I have wanted to tell you this for so long,' I saw myself. I saw a little girl. And to think that I did that for somebody was really, really overwhelming. It was very lovely to have an experience like that. I don't think I ever imagined I would have an experience like that with somebody who is so talented and who I watched their movies. Who is kinda in a way, my contemporary. "Even to feel that way, and to express that and to be so kind," she said. "That was a very kind thing that she did. And it meant a lot to me. Probably even more than it did to her."


I believe this. Because as we saw in her Netflix documentary last year, JLo has often felt shut out by Hollywood – she’s not in with that crowd, with the Reese Witherspoons and the Laura Derns, and that whole crowd and she doesn’t play that game either. So for Brie to take the initiative and tell her that she’s a stan… of course she would have been moved, and not just her ego. 


Yours in gossip,