Stop what you’re doing…because this just happened in Milan. 

It’s the 20th anniversary of that Versace. You know, Jennifer Lopez’s most famous dress. So, no big deal, she closed the show. LIKE THIS:


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I …can’t. 

Like, F-CK OFF, you know? 

She’s unreal. F-cking unreal. 

It’s been 20 years and she looks better now! 

In case you forgot, this was then: 


I love that she did her hair the same way too. She has this all up on IGTV and, well, I mean it’s a “break the internet” moment, as overused as that expression is. But it really is. Go on, JLo. Nothing else is happening this weekend. Everybody go see Hustlers. That’s it. That’s all I got. I’m just going to keep watching this video, keeping not understanding HOWWWWWWWWW is Jennifer Lopez?!