As of today, specifically this morning, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still married. Today is Friday. I will not be waiting around for a Friday afternoon gossip dump. It’s been a long week, and I don’t get a full weekend because I’m travelling for work starting on Sunday and will be on assignment on Monday and Tuesday and it’s going to be a heavy lift. So I need my downtime. Am I making it about me? Of course. I would like to be in my backyard with a gummy and a fizzy drink as soon as possible, working on my tan. So if Bennifer is choosing this weekend, Father’s Day weekend, to let us know whatever it is they want us to know, meet me over at The Squawk for some chitchat or otherwise, check back here on Monday. 


In the meantime, JLo yesterday was continuing a now three-year tradition with Violet Affleck (not pictured). JLo was seen at The Maybourne meeting up with Violet for lunch; her vocal coach, Stevie Mackey (not pictured), was also there. As we have seen, then, JLo continues to be involved in the lives of Ben’s children, the blended family energy is still there. 


And specifically, with Violet, it’s been a regular thing – JLo and Violet having their own time together, starting back in 2022 when they were seen shopping in Beverly Hills. Last summer they were on their own again at The Ivy. Those, obviously, were happier times. But you might say it’s easier to maintain relationships in happier times. These, reportedly, are not happy times between Bennifer, so the fact that they seem to be doing their best by the kids is significant. 

About the kids though, there’s an active campaign against JLo online, particularly on TikTok. TikTok hates her. Her kids and Ben’s kids are old enough now to be online themselves. The JLo they know, either as a mother or a stepmother, is certainly not the asshole that TikTok is setting on fire. Hopefully they’re not seeing it, but if they are, it must be such an unsettling experience.