We just got access to more shots of Jennifer Lopez having breakfast and shopping in St Tropez yesterday, and while the outfit is the same, these pictures are different, and well, since we’re not tired of Bennifer Summer, why not see better pictures of her wearing her “BEN” necklace? And eating carbs!


That’s what tells me that this is a real holiday, LOL. Because she’s going for the bread! And the butter, I’m assuming, since she has a knife in her hand. 

OK so earlier today we talked about wearing Ben’s name around her neck, and I assumed that while it could have been a gift from her to him, I’m thinking it was from him to her as part of the bounty of birthday gifts he prepared. Now we’re getting more details, specifically about the jewellery she’s wearing in the carousel, you know the one. It’s their Instagram Official carousel: 


Per E! News, all of those pieces are from Ben. 

“According to Beth Bugdaycay, who serves as creative director and co-founder of Foundrae, Ben created unique jewelry items for J.Lo before her birthday festivities began.

"With the custom piece Ben created for Jennifer, it clearly communicated their love, but it's also a reminder of their capacity for change and growth," she shared with E! News. "For example, one of the medallions he chose represents resilience, which we describe as wild, abundant, and untamed. The blossoms are fed with passion and continue to bloom, even in darkness, against adversity. But we can't separate the flower from its thorn. The thorn is the risk we assume for something we love, for living life fully without reserve."


"We were blown away by his romantic gesture," Beth continued. "[Ben] reviewed the meanings of each piece before finally selecting these…a lion was also in the running, but I think what he settled on is just perfect."  

Nice promotion for the brand but also more insight into their relationship. Just as it was back in 2002/3, Ben went all out for JLo’s birthday. The jewellery, the trip, the throwback photo of them framed on the motorcycle… again, Ben knows her love language, and he’s gifting it to her. 

His birthday is on August 15. How does she reciprocate?