I checked and checked myself. Is she really my best dressed? Is this really the most arresting look of the night? But it is undeniable. This is the one I loved best. 

I think I might be grading on a curve again, but the overall look is like nothing we’ve ever seen from Jennifer Lopez. She’s usually into one colour, one glam gown, Grecian Grecian Grecian, draping and wingy and forgettable. 

This is so different, but not just different for her. I love the chunky beading on the cross on the front, and how many colours we’re seeing on her. Primary colours JLo is my favourite JLo. But it’s the way it’s on theme and experimental – the fishnets on her arms and the waist of the skirt remind me of some of the wired metals in confessional boxes or certain kinds of fancy church windows. It’s perfectly on the theme without being a costume, and it’s utterly, indelibly her. It’s also Balmain, which isn’t her usual go to. It’s probably in the top 5 looks I’ve ever seen on her. Dare I say top 3? Am I just seduced by the colours? If so, isn’t that because they’re so great? 
It’s perfect, too, of course, because of that sleek-hair and really perfect makeup. I am the last person to notice makeup usually, but it’s so impeccably done and still – still! – giving us that JLo glow. Ultimately she gets the award from me because she’s so perfectly in the pocket of the theme, wearing it confidently and repping it like it means something to her, and acting like that five foot train behind her is no bigger deal than a ponytail. She’s just so completely there, and herself. Is it just because I’m feeling so delighted by her that I think we haven’t seen her enough lately? Or do I need to start watching Shades of Blue?
I would not even get halfway down the board in an ARod category in Jeopardy, but I liked that one interview they did together, and given that this dress and this appearance may be going in her all-time album, I imagine they’ll be celebrating all week. Which I wholeheartedly endorse.