The premiere of Shotgun Wedding, starring Jennifer Lopez, happened last night in Hollywood. JLo wore Valentino… and I love it. It’s a nude bodysuit with a yellow sash tied around her waist, and then over top of it a sparkly sheer voluminous dress. Basically a really, really fancy sheet. The whole point here is to show her body, but not too much, but definitely her body. Only JLo, right? This doesn’t work for everyone but it 100% works for her. 


There was no Bennifer moment on the carpet though. Ben Affleck did, however, join JLo at the after-party. 


She loves calling him her husband. She actually did it on the carpet too: 


But the money shot isn’t actually Bennifer on their own. The money shot is Bennifer with Jennifer Coolidge. 

Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend the after party for the Los Angeles premiere of Prime Video's 'Shotgun Wedding' on January 18, 2023 in Hollywood, California

Here’s a longer clip from JLo’s IG live:


JLo also spoke glowingly about Jennifer Coolidge with Jimmy Kimmel, which is where she was before the premiere. The is classic JLo on the talk show circuit – always a good guest. Because she’s a pro. And also, right now, she’s a newlywed. She can’t stop with the gushy love quips. She’s high energy, she’s willing to give a good story (in this case she told Jimmy how it came to be that she and Ben got married in Vegas), and she brings the surprise…

Lenny Kravitz in a helicopter. That’s the best bonus gift, isn’t it?