Jennifer Lopez’s children, Max and Emme, turned 15 years old yesterday, WTF. Howwwww… 15?! They were born February 2008 and you know what’s interesting to me about JLo? It’s not like she went into hiding when she was pregnant. 


We all know JLo, when does she ever go into hiding?! But unlike with almost all other celebrities, I don’t have JLo pregnancy pictures stored in my pop culture memory bank. I can google images of her when she was pregnant – and there are SO many pictures of her out there – and when I see them, I’m like…oh yeah, I remember that. But not long-term. Those images don’t stick. And this is my job. My mind for gossip and gossip imagery is like a digital cloud. I have retained nothing from my calculus classes in school but I can say without any conceit that I have exceptional celebrity gossip disk storage in my head. But for whatever reason, JLo has been able curate her own folder so that my mind’s algorithm doesn’t serve any of those visuals. Why is that? 


Anyway, the twins. They’re 15. And she posted a cute video yesterday to celebrate her “coconuts”. 


Anyone find it interesting that Ben Affleck shows up twice and Marc Anthony, their father, appears once? I don’t think it’s a secret at this point that JLo, who is the primary parent with primary custody with legal guardianship reportedly set at 75% of the time (although it’s speculated that it’s worked out to much more), has mostly raised her kids on her own. Ben has become very close to them. That may be a sign that they’ve put a lot of effort into blending their families. 

JLo was photographed this week heading into dance rehearsals in a cute outfit. Leggings, crop turtleneck, Birkin, and great boots. I love these boots. And at first I was like… are they Coach? I can’t find them on the Coach website, at least not in Canada. She hasn’t been wearing a lot of Coach lately. She did when she first signed the partnership but I feel like there hasn’t been all that much of it the last couple of years. Neither does Michael B Jordan. Curious to see how much longer that deal will last.