Jennifer Lopez was back home in New York last night for the premiere of her documentary, Halftime, to open the Tribeca Festival. I’ve read a few reviews today and most of them say the same thing – this is a celebration of JLo’s tenacity, there are few personal revelations, and there’s no real meaningful and objective analysis of her career and celebrity and place in the culture which… I mean… yeah. From Katy Perry to Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish and the other artists who’ve put out similar work, why did we ever think celebrity self-interrogation was actually possible? But also, who was expecting it, lol. I’m not sure those who’ll be mainlining this documentary (me included) are going into it thinking we’re getting the “real” JLo and not JLo produced by JLo. But also behind-the-scenes and live production porn. That’s the sh-t I live for. 


Anyway, we can talk more about Halftime next week when it starts streaming on Netflix. For now, here she is on the red carpet last night in the most JLo dress ever – a sheer and black velvet Tom Ford dress that, well, you can understand why she picked it for this moment in particular. What else did you expect her to wear if not a look that shows off all the things she always wants to show off? I just wish I could find more shots of this from the back because I want to know what those clear straps are connecting to. 

Zoom in close from the front, you can see two clear straps extending from above her breasts towards her neck and I’m curious about what that is for and whether or not the back will tell us. 

Jennifer Lopez attends the "Halftime" Premiere during the Tribeca Festival Opening Night on June 08, 2022 in New York City

That said, I’m actually less fascinated by the dress than I am about the nails. Earlier in the day JLo posted this – check the last shot in the carousel: 

I’m not into that sticker sh-t that’s attached to her nails but I LOVE this colour combination and I’ve just found my new manicure, the peach-beige offset with the white, it’s so good. 

At night though the nails were different. The base colour is more clear, with black accents instead. 

Jennifer Lopez attends the "Halftime" Premiere during the Tribeca Festival Opening Night on June 08, 2022 in New York City

I’m still back on the day nails though. Is it polish or is all of it stickers/press-on?!