Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were out yesterday, first dropping off his son, Samuel, at a lesson, running some errands in between, and then picking his son up again. Samuel, you’ll recall, was with Ben and JLo’s daughter, Emme, at the iHeartRadio Music Awards the other night when she received her Icon Award and then performed. I mean they just bought an estate together so, obviously, almost a year after the Bennifer revival, they’ve integrated their lives. 


And according to Entertainment Tonight that integration will soon become official: 

A source tells ET that the A-list couple is making plans for their forever.

"Ben and Jen can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together and know that they were destined to be together,” the source says. “An engagement is on the table and it has been an ongoing conversation.” 

The source adds that communication is key for the pair.

“They actively talk about what didn't work in the past and use those experiences to strengthen their relationship now, for the future and for the sake of themselves and their families,” the source adds. “They are committed to having a healthy, everlasting relationship.” 


I don’t think we need exclusive reporting on this, nor do I think this is all that exclusive. Anyone who’s been paying attention over the last year could have come up with this assessment, they’ve said as much themselves. 

But ET’s source goes further, suggesting that Bennifer has the Jennifer Garner blessing: 

“The source also adds that Affleck's first wife, Jennifer Garner, who is the mother of his children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, has given the pair her stamp of approval. “Jen Garner and Ben get along well. She is understanding and supportive of Jen and Ben's relationship,” the source says. “She knows Ben is doing well all around and at the end of the day, she just wants what's best for the kids and for things to be seamless and unproblematic. She wants everyone to be happy and healthy and her kids are always the priority."


This too doesn’t require source confirmation because, well, for anyone who’s been in Jennifer Garner’s position, and experienced what she’s experienced, there’s nothing adversarial about someone who can make it easier for you. And it can’t have been easy for Jennifer Garner for a long time. 

Let’s go back to JLo though, because I want to talk about her hair. You’ll note that her hair colour in the shots of her and Ben when they were with his son is lighter, her usual colour. But then they were seen at a studio, with JLo in yellow, and her hair is clearly darker. Must be for work, always work, it’s just a matter of which project. She was still working on The Mother a couple of weeks ago but she’s also got two movies in pre-production that are scheduled to start shooting this year. JLo never stops moving, and it’s one of the reasons that her losses, as rare as they are, don’t stick. Marry Me wasn’t the success that they were probably hoping for. But… nobody’s talking about it. Because she’s onto the next already.