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Being the birthday whore narcissist that I am, anytime it’s my birthday and there’s a major announcement or something good happens, I credit it to my birthday, as if it could actually be about me. Anyway, yesterday it was confirmed that Jennifer Lopez would indeed be headlining the halftime show at the Super Bowl in February in Miami. She will be joined by Shakira. This is one thousand percent an improvement on last year when it was supposed to be Maroon Five and nobody was excited. 

There’s no doubt, JLo and Shaki will be amazing. As for JLo, as we know, she’s currently in the Oscar conversation for her performance in Hustlers. There is no way the Hollywood Foreign Press Association isn’t nominating her for a Golden Globe. Their whole sh-t is getting the biggest names to the show. JLo will be at the Golden Globes. Same goes for the Critics’ Choice Awards. She’ll be trying to build on that momentum to get to the SAGs and then the ultimate, the Oscars, which happen just one week after the Super Bowl, earlier this year on February 9, 2020 so all this Super Bowl hype will be in the voters’ faces. Voting ends two days after the Super Bowl. She’s going to be hard to avoid or forget – is that an asset or a liability? 

Some of you have emailed to say that, among certain snotty ass old school Academy members, all of that might work against her, undermine her acting ability, as they could dismiss her as not the kind of artist that they’re here to honour. Right now, I don’t know that that’s a problem. If there’s any challenge to JLo, it’s not the perception, it’s a person: Laura Dern. Laura Dern is, as usual, so f-cking good in Marriage Story, and she is beloved in the industry, it seems impossible that she won’t get nominated for Best Supporting Actress and, given her standing within the Academy, and the fact that few have been killing it as hard as Laura over the last six or seven years, in television and film, she’d be the presumed favourite. And I’m not just talking about her work in Marriage Story. Don’t forget, she’s also in Little Women which could also be a major factor in award season. 

All of this sets up a really good race and, I know I know, it’s only the end of September but with the Oscars pushed forward this year, we really don’t have that far to go. The SAG nominations will be announced on December 11. The balloting for those nominations begins November 14. That’s only six weeks from now! 

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