Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were looking to buy a new home for a year, maybe more. Seemed like every other month there was a story that they’d finally found a place only for a follow-up story to come out about how they backed out. Last week, however, their search came to an end.


TMZ broke the news that they bought a huge property for $60 million, an insane amount of money, obviously, that they were able to pay for in cash. But as stupidly expensive as that sounds, it’s considered a deal because back in 2018 it was listed for $135 million before coming down to $75 million earlier this year. And then Bennifer knocked another $15 million off of that. You can see more pictures of the estate here.

Bennifer’s new home includes a 5000 sq ft sporting facility, a ten car garage plus space for 80 more cars on the property if they want to welcome guests, and a separate entertaining pavilion for said guests that has a full kitchen; there’s also a 155 ft infinity pool and 24 bedrooms; also 15 fireplaces. Maybe this is just me, because I live in Toronto, Canada where it can get as low as -20C/-4F in the winter, and even colder when there’s windchill, but when our weather is like the average lowest temperatures in LA, which google tells me is around 9C/20F, we’re not using the fireplace! Why does any house in LA need a fireplace, let alone 15 of them?! Of course this isn’t about functionality. It’s about luxury. And all the big-time celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Garner to Lopez have fireplaces. 


So here’s JLo the other day looking at some fireplaces in a Gucci x Adidas shirt with a crossbody and a pair of jeans. Yesterday she stepped out to go furniture shopping in a denim Valentino maxi dress with high boots and slits. What I love about JLo, always, is that even with a dress that has slits up that high, she’s not bothering with a pair of shorts underneath. After all, it’s not like we’ve never seen her ass. It’s a great ass. 

JLo has time right now to work on their new home. She was supposed to be working on her new film, Unstoppable, produced by Ben and Matt Damon’s Artists’ Equity. Production was suspended last week though because of the writers’ strike. I’d be interested in Ben’s thoughts on the strike, since he’s now an executive but he’s also a creative. After all, he and Matt have an Oscar for writing and I would imagine he’s in solidarity with the writers. It would be kinda f-cked up if he wasn’t in solidarity with the writers.