Ben Affleck’s birthday was yesterday. So far, unlike Jennifer Lopez’s birthday a few weeks ago, Ben’s birthday wasn’t played out on a yacht in the Mediterranean, or a yacht anywhere for that matter. Ben was seen with his children this weekend and JLo was with Emme at the Jennifer Klein Day of Indulgence event but we had no Bennifer to look at. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t any Bennifer to talk about. Let’s get back to that in a minute and talk first about the Jennifer Klein Day of Indulgence. 


It’s an annual traditional now in Hollywood for women only. This is often referred to as a “gratitude and wellness” thing but, really, it’s a super exclusive gifting suite. With an exclusive guest list, attracting big name stars, and I don’t know how it is during COVID but in the past, you weren’t allowed to bring guests. Can’t imagine that’s changed during the pandemic. So, basically, it’s an afternoon of pampering and catching up with other very famous people and then at the end you leave with all kinds of free sh-t. 

JLo has been in the past and this year she decided to take her daughter who probably wasn’t officially on the guest list but what are you going to say to Jennifer Lopez if she wants to come with her kid? 

In addition to JLo, Tessa Thompson was there, Tyra Banks was there, Alexandra Daddario, fresh off the success of The White Lotus too, and Leslie Mann, who is a regular, and more. I’ll post those shots later. 


So that’s what JLo was up to yesterday. In addition to…

Scrubbing Alex Rodriguez from her Instagram and unfollowing him. None of that is radical, that’s just what people do in the now-times when they break up. And even before the social media times, that seemed to be JLo’s way. When we say that nothing sticks to her, that goes for people too. The impression she leaves on her exes is greater than the impression they leave on her. With, of course, one exception. ARod though? Not an exception. 

He traded on being JLo’s plus-one and almost husband for four years. And he’s trying to trade on being her former plus-one and almost husband and she is not having it. At the same time, this might not even necessarily be about him, ha. Because even though she’s been done with ARod for months now, she – or her social media manager – chose this weekend of all weekends to delete him from her social channels? And it happens to be Ben’s birthday weekend? 


Was this his gift? 

This is a gift of ego. A gift of dick swing. You can’t buy that. 

There are, however, other things you can buy. Or…rather receive. Like necklaces. 

Apparently when JLo and Emme were at the gifting suite, she was seen picking out two necklaces for Ben’s daugther’s Violet and Seraphina: 

"When she stopped by the Made by Mary jewelry station, she and Emme picked out several 'birth flower necklaces,' including two for Ben's daughters," a guest tells PEOPLE, noting that Lopez said she planned to gift them to Violet, 15½, and Seraphina, 12½, on Sunday night at Affleck's 49th birthday gathering.


Um, thank you Made by Mary jewelry for conveniently having a “guest” let us know that these were the pieces that JLo picked out. 

As for Ben’s birthday gathering, no other details on where it was or who was there but there must have been one and JLo must have been there and they’ve decided, for now at least, to keep it low-key. Still, Bennifer Summer is still hot and happening. And looking very promising to extend to another season.