Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme had an afternoon on their own yesterday, going for lunch before heading to a Van Gogh exhibit. I love the contrast in mother-daughter styles here. 


Me personally I’m more of an Emme – an oversized brown striped sweater with denim shorts, socks pulled up, and docs. With glasses. It’s a classic teen look, and a little bit Harry Potter, right? Will she want to dress like this in a year or two, or even a month or two? Maybe… or not. Adolescence is all about change. What you like now is almost never what you’ll end up liking later. But this vibe, clearly, is what she’s into at the moment. 

As for JLo – it’s a pretty belted white dress but the main event is the footwear. And while my own style lane is closer to Emme’s, I can’t deny the excellence of these boots. That shade of brown is gorgeous. That’s a perfectly shaped toe and a perfectly shaped heel. The platform is just right. I don’t often love a knee-high but the knee-highs I’m most drawn to are the ones that aren’t painted onto the calf, but go straight up instead of narrowing around the leg, which is what JLo’s are doing here. 


The boots aren’t new. I mean they’re still in perfect condition but she’s actually worn them several times before. She posted them on IG last summer: 


And she’s been papped in them while wearing what looks to be a very similar dress:

Jennifer Lopez has lunch at San Vicente Bungalows, October 30, 2020

So, yes, even JLo will do a re-wear.