If you missed it (I mean how could you miss it?), Jennifer Lopez announced her new album on Friday by recreating the This Is Me…Then album cover and then transitioning to This Is Me…Now – because she has never been subtle, especially when she’s in love. And JLo is in DEEP love. With the love of her life Ben Affleck, who is now her husband. 


Bennifer spent Thanksgiving in the Hamptons and she shared a reel on Instagram of what their first married Thanksgiving looked like. The highlight here is the shot of Ben with her son Max in his arms with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep: 

Ben and Max

Max and Emme are 14 years old. Doesn’t matter who their parents are – teens are teens, whether their parents are famous or not. At this age they’re old enough to reject what they want to reject and participate when they want to participate. The fact that Max is this close with Ben is telling, at least to me, of the work that Bennifer has done to blend their families. After the trip to the Hamptons, Ben was seen yesterday at the farmers market with Violet, Seraphina, and Emme 


As for the album, JLo’s interview with Zane Lowe will be posted later today. She shared a clip on her feed. 

ABC has a more extensive exclusive look at the discussion though and you can watch that here where she goes into detail about how devastated she was when she and Ben broke up the first time and how she coped with the heartbreak… which ultimately led her back to him…now. This Is Me…Now. No album title has ever give me as many squeals and eyerolls at the same time. Eyerolls because she is as corny as ever but also squeals because I love a corny JLo and I love Bennifer and what Bennifer keeps giving us. 


JLo tells Zane that she and Ben are the “would never happen in Hollywood” ending – like, it felt so impossible for so long that she can’t believe it actually happened. I mean, it is the most Hollywood of romances, it could totally be a rom-com, a second-chance-at-love rom-com, and someone’s probably working on that script right now. But I guess I don’t disagree in the sense that those rom-coms are, too often, a fantasy. And somehow the Bennifer fantasy came true, both for them and for the gossipverse. 

That said, she’s obviously less superstitious than I am because she’s making a whole album out of their “Greatest Love Story Never Told”, even after they broke up after their first album. If it were me I’d be a little more cautious. But that’s never been JLo who’s made it her brand to love love. This girl always leans in all the way.