A couple of weeks ago, when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s oldest child, Violet, graduated high school, I posted about how if there’s any news about his marriage with Jennifer Lopez, they’d be considerate of the school year and their children’s schedules. To that point, yesterday the whole crew was together for Ben’s son Samuel’s school event, as JLo attended with her two children, Max and Emme, joining Ben and Jennifer Garner for a united, blended family gathering. 


Again, as previously noted, no matter what happens with Bennifer, this is a good sign that they are sustaining an environment where their kids can continue their relationships with each other….


Although much of the focus seems to be on the mood, in particular Ben’s expression, and the fact that Bennifer did not arrive or leave together and how this definitely means it’s over. For what it’s worth, he was wearing his wedding ring. And she was likely wearing hers, even though there isn’t a clear shot of her hand. 


As for him looking “tense”, well there are a number of explanations for his face. Of course, sure, it could be the marriage crisis. But it could also be the fact that the tabloids and the paps are so fixated on this story, with the Daily Mail publishing a report around the same time that these photos were taken citing comments from Ben’s “friends” who are talking about his mental health issues. It’s the Daily Mail, so we always have to side-eye the Daily Mail but also… even though Bennifer and JLo have a complicated relationship with the media, none of their friends are going to be running to the Daily Mail to put Ben’s struggles on blast, seriously. But the reason why this is an attractive probably-fake story for the tabloids is because then, well, you can blame her for f-cking up his sobriety. That seems like a pretty good reason for the look on his face too, non?