This outfit on Jennifer Lopez isn’t, like, a Hall of Fame entry or anything. It’s a good outfit though. And the reason I want to highlight it is for the white pants. 

But let’s start with the blouse. I love a high collar blouse. I love the vibrant colours in this high collar blouse. Pure Miami glamour styles. And no one does that specific style signature better than she does. 

As for the pants - they’re related to those stupid ass wide leg pants that cover the feet like hoofs that I hate on Victoria Beckham and Royal Meghan. So why don’t I hate them on JLo? It’s the cut, I think. Posh and Meghan’s pants are cut slim into the wide flood drop. But notice on JLo, her pants are generously tailored around the thigh. And that gives the entire leg some balance and proportion, none of that stilting situation going on. Looks wayyyyy better, non?