Maria posted about Second Act last week, the new movie starring Jennifer Lopez and her best friend Leah Remini. They started shooting pretty much the minute the project was announced. All week JLO and Leah have been papped in New York. This morning she was photographed shooting a running scene. The natural light was obviously perfect – here’s JLO’s selfie:


New York State of mind... 🍁🌳 #secondact

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I mean, yeah, she has makeup on. But the sun and her genes are doing most of the work here. Seriously, that skin.

In Second Act, JLO is playing a Costco-ish store employee who shows her street smarts on Madison Avenue. Is Costco funding this movie? Whatever. I love Costco. (This blog is not supported by Costco but it should be because my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, lives there. Am convinced that all immigrant mothers live there. My friend D’s ma, an Italian immigrant mother, bought me the most amazing muffaletta from Costco last month. I’ve been tossing it in everything.) But that’s not my point. My point is we get to see JLO as a Costco employee. Oh wait. She showed us:


Working girl...Meet Maya... #secondact #stxfilms

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Turtleneck under a smock, that’s costume department realness right there. I used to be a grocery store checkout clerk. Like 25 years ago. This was my uniform too. And hoop earrings. And lipstick. Some things don’t change. Like JLO. If I told you this photo was taken in 2007 or even 1997 you would believe me.