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Jennifer Lopez was at the Robin Hood Foundation gala the other night in New York. Page Six reports that when she went to use the washroom, four security guards blocked other patrons from coming in so that she could be in there alone. So people had to queue for a while, waiting until she was done. And your immediate reaction is…

What a goddamn selfish asshole, who does she think she is.

And I understand, I really do. But I also have seen this happen, as Page Six explains:

A spy said that hot new couple J-Rod needed the security in the crowd of 3,700: “So many people were coming over to them, they had to have it.”

A pal further explained, “It’s really awkward when someone asks for a selfie when you walk out of a toilet stall.”

I’ve been at a premiere, or a party, or a restaurant, where fans will spot a celebrity, wait for them to go to the washroom, and follow them in…to get a selfie or start a conversation. It really is awkward. Awkwardness, you might argue, won’t kill you. And maybe awkward is better than the rudeness of having your bodyguards prevent people from coming in to pee with you. But how many people peeing with you and then getting a selfie is an acceptable number? Let’s say JLO goes to pee like a normal person and doesn’t have the bodyguards outside holding off the riffraff. And there are three or four people in the washroom. And two of them ask for selfies. The other two see it go down that way and they too want a selfie. Then more people walk in the bathroom to pee…but they put off their peeing when they see that JLO’s set up a selfie booth in the ladies and they want in on that too. A dozen selfies later and… is it still rude to have the bodyguards outside?

What’s your call?

Here’s JLO on the set of Shades Of Blue yesterday. At one point she was Facetiming ARod. Did you hear he’s joining Shark Tank as a guest judge? What are the chances that happens for him if he’s not dating her? This f-cking guy.

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