Over the weekend, a couple different readers emailed in re: Jenny Slate and Chris Evans together in Atlanta. Rebecca sent us a link to a Twitter sighting, and Janet says she and her cousin saw them out on Friday night, not “making out or anything”, but “looking pretty cheery”. They’re both in town working on their superhero movies, Venom and Avengers 4, respectively, so it could be an old flame rekindled, or post-dating friendship blossoming, or closure—who knows. Earlier this year I let the internet talk me out of an instinct that they broke up, so I’m not falling for the internet’s sh*t again. Jenny Slate and Chris Evans have apparently spent time together in a friendly manner. Choose your own adventure.

Here’s the thing. Let’s say they are, in fact, getting back together. They could have been talking, emailing, whatever, for months leading up to this moment, but the WAY IT LOOKS is kind of sh*tty, like, Oh, hey, we’re both in town and it’s convenient to hang out, so let’s do that again. When they broke up, there was also this appearance of convenience, and inconvenience, and that it was convenient to date when Evans wasn’t working for most of 2016—but Slate remained very busy—but when he had to get back to work for Marvel, they split up. But now they’re both posted in Atlanta—which at this point, should be called Hollywood East—and it’s convenient to hang out again. It’s probably not really their dynamic, it’s just the way it looks in the magazines, as they say, but there is a part of me that wants to find Jenny Slate and say, Girl, no. Do not fall for his homecoming king dick again.

Here's Chris on the set of Avengers 4 with his dog last week.