In case there was still any doubt that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are back together – last week, I posted the video of his dog and you could hear her voice on the background. And this weekend, she posted this on Twitter:

These are famous people who are not oblivious to the speculation around their relationship. He knows. She knows. And now she’s sharing with us what she loves about him and how she shows him all her online purchases, including the turtlenecks she’s so into recently. I have questions about this. 

Tight turtleneck or loose turtleneck sweater? 

A tight turtleneck, to me, is a layering item. A classic grey turtleneck big cozy sweater which I’m looking for right now because every one I’ve looked at is itchy. Does Jenny only show her turtlenecks to her boyfriend? Or can we see too? 

Speaking of that boyfriend, it was just a few months ago that Jenny, in her interview with Vanity Fair, talked about how she didn’t want to talk and tweet about her relationships publicly. She called that kind of gossip a function of the patriarchy. So…is she upholding the patriarchy? This is not meant to be snarky. Rather it’s an observation about Jenny’s fame game. She’s still so new to it. Or she was new to it still when she and Chris first broke up. I wonder if her attitude then has changed about how to navigate celebrity as one half of a famous couple. When she was doing interviews a few month ago and they had split, there was a rawness to her responses that now seems like they were real time reactions. Now that they’re back together, this kind of Twitter Easter egg reads like a sort of cheeky tease. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and here, let me give you some more to think about. Jenny’s having fun with it. And that’s a good sign. It’s how you survive in this business.