PROGRAMMING NOTE: It’s a long weekend in most parts of Canada which means we are dark on Monday and will resume regular posting schedule on Tuesday. Unless, of course, something huge breaks. 


Jeremy Allen White was at the Dodgers game. And he had his shirt on. And his biceps were covered. I say this because the last two Fridays I posted thirst trappy photos of him and the streak is broken. But the way people reacted to him at the game it was like he had his shirt off because the people there were acting like they were at a boy band concert. Sounds like he was practically mobbed – which means a LOT of people watch The Bear. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop is August 11 and there is no overstating the influence and impact of hip-hop on our culture. Hip-hop is mainstream… and not just music. Hip-hop is everywhere. It’s in our clothes and accessories. It’s in our hair and makeup. It’s in our language, how we express ourselves, how we communicate. And the women of hip-hop were and continue to be changemakers and tastemakers so let’s honour the queens of the movement. (PopSugar) 


The last time I checked Byline Times had published seven pieces about Dan Wootton’s f-cksh-t after a three-year investigation. With all this mess, and there is SO MUCH, somehow he’s still on the air in the UK. He hasn’t been writing for the Daily Mail though – and yet they have not really reported on the story. A television reporter with a scandal…and they say nothing. (Cele|bitchy) 

As just mentioned, it’s a long weekend in Canada. I will be golfing and eating…and bingeing the second season of Heartstopper! So far I have avoided spoilers. I want it to feel how it felt during season one, when the sweetness of the show took me by surprise. So this link I’m sharing isn’t big on spoilers, but it is about Isaac who always has a book. This is the Isaac book list. (The Guardian) 

Speaking of reading, it’s the perfect weekend to read a horny book. Here’s a list of horny books written by Black authors. (Unbothered)