A couple of years ago, when Jennifer Lawrence wrote about the gender pay gap in Hollywood, Jeremy Renner was asked to comment and he offered his contribution by saying “that’s not my job” to participate in wage equality. Jeremy Renner is raising a daughter. And now he’s saying that he doesn’t want her to be spoiled, because “struggle is so important”. Yeah, well, since there’s no shortage of men on the “that’s not my job” side of the equal pay conversation, his daughter will probably “struggle” at some point when a male colleague decides it’s “not his job” she’s compensated fairly. (Dlisted) 

This is a terrific thesis: Samuel Jackson is the greatest actor of his generation. There are also several strong points, including one about Scott Eastwood. Sh-tting on Scott Eastwood is always a good way to get me to agree with your position. Also declaring Leonardo DiCaprio overrated. Both of those points appear here as part of an excellent analysis of Sam Jackson’s motherf-cking career. (Pajiba) 

Nicole Kidman apparently had some doubts about this photo shoot. I feel like she could have killed the shots if she really wanted to though? And since we’re seeing the cover, and exactly the parts of the cover that are intended to be seen, I’m pretty sure she’s OK with it. Why not? She looks amazing in that swimsuit. And I quite like her in a cowboy hat. (Just Jared) 

Princess Kate wore a dress that was very Middleton last night. But! Newsflash! She wore a pair of shoes that are not Middleton at all! What’s still Middleton is the fact that the shoes aren’t for the dress. The shoes deserve a better dress. And so, it seems that in the end, we’re back at where we started: Middleton Style, still sh-t. (Go Fug Yourself)

Henry Cavill has a new girlfriend. I tried to care about this and… well… it’s hard to care about Henry Cavill’s new girlfriend when you don’t care about Henry Cavill. That said, I cared the most about Henry Cavill when he was with Gina Carano. What’s Gina Carano been up to? Will she be in the next Deadpool movie? Did she die in the first Deadpool movie? Deadpool is a good movie on first watch. It’s not a rewatch 40 times movie though. Now see how far we’ve gotten away from Henry Cavill? (Cele|bitchy) 

Damon Young, whose writing I love, just described both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor as “lilliputian”. This is genius. Then he goes on to school us on why they both suck, why this isn’t a fight, why Conor doesn’t have a chance, and remind us that Floyd is a f-ckboy and that Conor is a racist. So, basically, he’s doing great work. (Very Smart Brothas)