OK. So the video itself is a scream. And then when you add on Michael K’s brilliant and strategic use of the word “nuts”, it’s the best way to start a week, the best way to fix your Monday. You know what I kept thinking about while I watched this chipmunk deep-cheek those nuts? It’s the facial elasticity. They don’t have to worry about jowls! (Dlisted) 

We interviewed Jerry O’Connell on The Social a few months ago. He was a solid guest. He was generous, prepared, professional, nice. And experienced at hosting talk shows, having filled in on several talk shows in America. So now he’s getting his own talkshow. And the title… is terrible. (Jezebel)  
How long before Justin Theroux launches his own line of tank tops? Tank by Theroux. Not plural. Just Tank. Right? (Just Jared) 

Emily and I spent half an hour or more this morning investigating Johnny Depp’s hair. My theory turned out to be a bust. But here’s what I was trying to prove: that he has a hair attachment connected to his bandana. Which…wouldn’t that have made your life?!? Anyway, it’s not. It does appear to be his own hair and he slicks it back and braids it when he’s not “performing”. Still. He looks like sh-t. Still. Always now? (Cele|bitchy) 

WHAT IS THIS AMAZING TRACK SUIT THAT CELINE DION IS WEARING!? I just checked with Law Roach’s Instagram and he hasn’t told us yet. But I need it. Look at the way those pants fit! Wait? Is it all one piece? How is the jacket matching too? How can we all make this happen for ourselves? F-ck. What if it’s custom?!? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Shawn Mendes jumped…and fell. And even when he eats it he’s still adorable. So adorable. Tripping happens to everyone, even the Queen Beyoncé. It’s how you recover from it that counts. And Shawn’s reaction, both in the moment and on social media afterwards, scored points. How did that turn into the most obvious life lesson ever? (Teen Vogue)