Jessica Biel’s series, The Sinner, premieres on USA Network on August 2nd. Am so curious to see how it does, whether or not The Sinner will be spoken of as Peak TV, and if, a year from now, Jessica Biel will be part of an Emmys conversation.

To promote the show, Jessica was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. She knows him well, obviously, because he’s so close to Justin Timberlake. So during the interview part of the appearance they talk about how they spent a recent long weekend together and broke into a house. Except… I’m not sure it worked the way they thought it would work?

It’s tricky telling a story together for an audience. Especially when you’re telling it to each other. This, I think, is why it came off flat. Because instead of telling the story to everyone else, they were telling the story to each other. Like, “and then you did this and I did this to you and this is what you told me” and then you’re like, why do you have to tell her what she did when she was there, she would know! Watch yourself, let me know if you’re reading it the same way:

The game part of Jessica’s appearance was way better, and not just because Matt Bomer was there, although that helps too. Jessica is really good at charades. Except when she needed to be good the most, but still, she’s strong on the guessing side and on the acting side, right? The key is to think it through, not panic. Look how smoothly she threw down the “I Love Rock’n’Roll” clues. I would want her on my team.