Jessica Biel was at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night for The Sinner. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Movie Made For TV Or Limited Series. Jessica lost to Nicole Kidman but I’m going to count last night as a win for her because she looked AMAZING – gimme this dress –  and she was able to attend an award show recognizing her hard work without her husband hijacking all her moments.

I’m referring to Jessica Biel’s husband solely as her partner and without using his name because he constantly does this to her on social media, in speeches and in life. He says “my wife” without saying her name. He promotes his own music instead of bigging up her nominations, even when he’s just her plus one at the Golden Globes

Earlier, I wrote about Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. Kumail forced The Washington Post to acknowledge Emily V. Gordon by name. At the Critics’ Choice Awards last night when Kumail came back to present after The Big Sick won, he quipped, “Emily needs a new napkin” as a callback to a joke earlier in the night. Not “my wife.” Just Emily. BECAUSE SHE HAS A NAME. Ted Danson did the same when he was thanking Mary Steenburgen. He referred to her by her full name. I don’t want to give Ted and Kumail extra props for just, you know, being human beings who respect women, but Jessica Biel’s husband has forced me to do so. 

There were multiple cutaways to Jessica Biel during the broadcast. Again, she looked really freaking good. I don’t remember what she wore to the Globes. It was either forgettable or I can’t remember because all I can think about is how her husband could not even let her finish a sentence. Over email, Lainey called Jessica Biel’s husband “that cockjacker, cockblocker, motherf-cker” and it may be my favourite thing she’s ever affectionately called he who shall not be named. 

Being unblocked looks good on Jessica Biel, doesn’t it? How long before her husband is hogging her red carpet space again?