Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have maintained a pretty low profile for the last couple of months. Ever since…you know. They’ve been quiet on social media too. Neither one has posted anything on Instagram this year. I know, the year is only two weeks old. But nothing for Christmas or New Year’s. Which is why there are reports that she’s still pissed at him for getting wasted and holding hands with his co-star. Like I said at the time, I don’t think this will end their marriage. And maybe they’re staying quiet because they’ll eventually have news to share. I predicted baby. (Dlisted)

I love a pair of “work from home” pants, aka joggers. Joggers have become fashion. I wore a jogger set last week that was black with gold stars printed all over that people stopped me on the street about, I almost don’t want to wear them at home, I want to exclusively wear them as “being seen in public” clothes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

People are talking about Tom Brady and whether or not he’s planning to leave the New England Patriots. Something about a suite being cleared out and he and Gisele Bundchen moved to Connecticut so….does that mean they’re headed for New York City? (Cele|bitchy)

Cats have their own line of furniture now. And I don’t mean the movie, which nobody is talking about anymore, and that’s another story. It’s actual cats and actual furniture. Some of this furniture looks pretty cute. Like I could definitely use that bench on our front porch. (OMG Blog)  

Time for one of the many things I’m bad at: looking at kid photos of celebrities and saying which celebrity it is. I had NO idea. And I’m shocked at who it is. (TMZ)