Justin Timberlake released a new song this week and, as Kathleen wrote a few days ago, it may be because nobody gives a sh-t about Man of the Woods. So he’s trying to come for the title of Song of the Summer, only this song is trash. There is no way the kids are going to care more about “SoulMate” than, say, Post Malone’s “Psycho”. UGH. Now that I like Ariana Grande, Post Malone is my new I Can’t. But if a Hate F-ck could be a song, it would be a Post Malone song. You do not know why you’re f-cking with it, you hate yourself while you’re f-cking it, but you keep goddamn listening. Anyway, the point is, this is where we find Justin Timberlake now. Behind Post Malone. It’s both beautiful and terrible. 

Do you think he knows though? Have you noticed something different about Justin? 

Maria mentioned this a few days ago in Smutty Social Media: 

HE’s the one hiding HIS face, what?!

And Jessica Biel showed up again on his Instagram yesterday, to promote the single, of course:

Right. Because nothing sells a summer jam like two people dancing by themselves in a brightly lit dressing room. Doesn’t that make you want to hit the club tonight?  
But look here! Amazingly Jessica appears on JT’s IG for the third time this week – it’s a new record. Here’s what he posted today: 

We were SO close, you know? SO close to a post without the words “I” or “ME” or “MY” in the caption. 

It used to be that when JT was on his own sh-t, he never bothered including his wife in the process. Now, though, with Man of the Woods underwhelming and “SoulMate” underwhelming, oh I see, is this what we’re doing now? 

Attached – Justin and Jessica arriving in London today for the next stop of his tour.