Jessica Biel looks really good in this colour. The dress is pretty. And if you’ve watched the video of her on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, it moves beautifully on her and around her. But that’s not why it’s the Outfit of the Week. 

It’s the Outfit of the Week because my friend Lorella sent it to me and Duana when she saw Jessica in the dress and said, “Is this dress choice a Lemonade reference?”


Of course she’s referring to this:


That’s Beyonce, obviously. In the video for “Hold Up”. When she shows us that she had hot sauce in her bag, swag. 

Close, non? They’re pretty close. Which, to go back to my JLo post from earlier today, speaks to the power of a video. That’s our association now when we see a mustardy maxi dress with tiers and ruffles.