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Tips! It’s a dramatic conversation. We just talked about tipping yesterday on The Social: do you tip when you take out? I do. But it’s because I used to work as a takeout girl. And I know the work involved in packing and organising and the injuries sustained when you’re packing and organising the takeout. My hands used to get so nicked back then. Anyway, about tipping in general, my view on celebrities is that they should always be tipping. And generously. Unless your food was puked on right in front of you, why risk getting a reputation for being cheap when you are a millionaire? Also, supposedly, Jessica Biel’s restaurant withheld tips from their servers. Dirty, if this is true.  (Dlisted) 

I keep forgetting that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married. It is and was no surprise that they’re not married anymore, right? Anyway, he told her he wanted a divorce by text message. Now he’s telling her through a tabloid that he wants to be friends again. So he probably hasn’t worked on his communication skills. (Cele|bitchy) 

OK so there’s really not much to hate here. It’s Halle Berry. It’s mental how attractive she is. There is nothing about this look that is unattractive. Howeeeeverrrr, I would have suggested a different pair of pants. Maybe it’s just that I don’t, as a rule, love a palazzo pant. But also, I feel like it would have been a much more modern look if the pants were tapered above the ankle. (Go Fug Yourself) 

While Jessica Biel’s restaurant might be f-cking over their staff, she’s pretending to be Emma Stone pretending to be Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. Melissa did this on The Social a few months ago. The trick is to gather some speed but not too much speed but enough speed to generate momentum and the lifter has to position his hands at that specific spot on your hips to be able to raise you up and hold you there. My point is they had to have practised. (Just Jared) 

Madonna’s involved in a lawsuit involving her “panties”. I hate this word. Mercifully, that word was not used during the legal proceedings. “Underwear” is the right vocabulary. Why do we persist in referring to women’s under as “panties”? Do you? Why? Why can’t you just say underwear? Why do you have to sexify or cutify your underwear? Underwear is not an ugly word anyway! It’s underwear. It’s specific and it’s neutral. PS. I also hate when people say “hubby”. Or “wifey”. GROSS. (TMZ) 

When you think of Cersei Lannister, what comes to mind? Jaime? Wine? Qyburn? Did we ever talk about the way Qyburn looked at that cut off zombie hand like he wanted to f-ck it? Anyway, Hillary Clinton compared herself to Cersei. Cersei was probably the most interesting character last season. I don’t know if that helps or hurts Hillary’s haters. (Salon) 

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