Jessica Brown Findlay, who the Fug Girls keep calling Lady Sybil, is wearing an outfit from my dreams. This look is my life. It has all the elements that make me happy: a high patterned collar, a wide lapel shirt, a caped blazer, all at the same time…and then nothing. Or the illusion of nothing, just leg. The only thing I would change, as usual, are the shoes. I would have gone with a lug sole oxford, in white. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Beanie Feldstein will be playing Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway starting next spring. And you’ll recall, people were wondering when the news was first announced how Lea Michele was taking the news which Twitter joked about as Twitter does. Beanie was asked about this and, well, I’m sure Twitter enjoyed her response. I enjoy Michael K’s comments on this the most, especially the kicker here. Because I can totally hear the yodeling. (Dlisted) 

One of Timothee Chalamet’s idols gave him some advice – and he won’t say who it is….and it’s hard to guess. Because Timmy fanboys everyone! Which I find endearing. (Cele|bitchy) 

Even before COVID I was a control freak about air travel. If I’m heading to the US, I get to the airport two hours early no more no less because the customs and then security lines can be f-cked. On domestic it's an hour early although I just flew two weeks ago and the security line was a mess that morning and it’s making me reconsider my plans now because COVID has upended everything. Then there are the people like Duana who are easy breezy about when to get to the airport and it stresses me the f-ck out. So I think I’m with Petr Knava here. (Pajiba) 

I hadn’t noticed this until I read this piece by Zach Schonfeld which I admire on so many levels, from the time of conception. Like… even just coming up with the pitch for this article is rad. If I were the editor at this pitch meeting it wouldn’t have taken more than 15 seconds. SOLD immediately. And then to go into the research and the reporting, it’s next level curiosity. So what’s it about? Talk-singing! It’s everywhere! (The Ringer)