Jessica Chastain, a total f-cking showstopper in this dress. I was a bit worried, initially, that from the side those diamonds would look a bit… Big Toppy? Like clown and circus? But it works. And those colours are great on her. It’s just a hint of green but against all that long red hair it really pops out. Although I do wonder if she had a neck kink at the end of the night because keeping it all swept to one side – it’s gorgeous and I wish I could do it more, but man it gets sore after a while. 


Halle Berry is letting it be known that Drake asked her, she said no, and he did it anyway – and I love her for it. (AV Club) 

Sarah wrote earlier about Drew Barrymore’s decision not to return to the air, and the other talk shows that followed. And now Bill Maher has surprisingly decided to hit the pause button. As Dustin points out here is his post, social media is generally a f-cked up a place, but in this case, there have been many people providing so much good information who are thoughtful and not toxic and who have made a difference in these situations by not allowing the producers and the conglomerates to distort the issues. (Pajiba) 

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara announced their separation, what?, a couple of months ago, tops? She looked over it immediately, doing her thing on America’s Got Talent, and getting paid. And now Joe has apparently has a new girlfriend. (Cele|bitchy) 


I think I’ve mentioned how much I enjoyed the first season of Winning Time. We started the second season a few weeks ago and couldn’t get into it after the second episode until I went out with Duana this weekend and she was like, just get through episode two and it comes back. And she was right, it starts moving by the midpoint of episode two and by episode three it finds its groove again. So I was looking forward to savouring it… but now HBO is saying it’s been cancelled, WTF. I take this as a personal insult. (The Ringer)