Jessica Chastain is wearing a gorgeous merlot velvet belted blazer dress and it looks great on her but I’m not quite feeling the bottom of the look. Are these boots or leather pants over black ankle boots? Either way, the issue for me is that all that black leather kinda takes away from the dress? I also would have wanted to break it up a bit, show some skin, not a lot, just a flash, between the dress and the footwear. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Kourtney Kardashian is promoting a gummy for your vagina and I’m not sure what it’s promising but I probably shouldn’t have to tell you she shouldn’t be the one you’re turning to for help with your vaginal health? There is already not enough research on women’s health and women’s health issues continue to be underfunded – this kind of sh-t isn’t helping. (Dlisted) 

Today in the children of famous people don’t care that their parents are famous: Paul Rudd. Although… I wonder if social media culture and influencer culture is changing that. It was certainly more true up to a decade ago. But I feel like there could be some movement in this area. (Cele|bitchy) 

I just, for the first time, learned about a show called Milf Manor (and if I knew about it before, my brain conveniently forgot) and the premise is… a group of women and their sons are living together and some of the women are supposed to hook up with some of the other women’s sons, am I understanding this correctly?! (OMG Blog) 

Are we using spoons wrong? Apparently there’s a little spoon trend happening which I do not cosign because I love a big spoon, and I especially long a big long spoon, like Korean styles. So bring on as many big spoons as possible. WTF is this generation’s problem with big spoons?! (Eater)