With the Venice Film Festival about to begin tomorrow, maybe you’d like to look back on one of the Venice moments that broke the internet last year? It was Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac on the red carpet and… well… I think you remember the way they looked at each other and how he playfully caressed her arm and they are just good friends but they really served that fantasy. (Go Fug Yourself)  


Addison Rae is a TikTok star turned celebrity but it’s her parents who’ve been bringing the drama lately. I haven’t memorised the specifics but I think it has to do with her dad cheating on her mom and now her mom is dating rapper Yung Gravy who is 27 to her 46 or something and they showed up at the VMAs together in matching outfits so you know it’s serious and now the dad is mad and, well, are they getting a reality show? (DListed) 

Driving anxiety is a real thing, I know a few people who have it, and I understand – people are getting more and more aggressive on the road, the roads are more and more congested in big cities, and in my opinion, drivers are less and less skilled. I personally have not gotten to the point yet where having to drive somewhere f-cks me up but looking at this road, and if I had to drive on it, just might do it. (Pajiba)  


Irina Shayk is on holiday and Bradley Cooper is there too which means they must be with their daughter and Bradley agreed to be on her Instagram and now people are wondering if they got back together even though he was just rumoured to be dating Huma Abedin and the thing is… if he’s on her IG, like he signed off on it, doesn’t that actually mean the opposite: that they’re not romantic at all anymore and really just very amicable co-parents? (Celebitchy) 

Kate Halliwell’s excellent piece on K-pop and the legacy of KCON on its tenth anniversary. (The Ringer)