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Carrie Underwood fell at her home in November and she shared with her fans this week that the accident resulted in almost 50 stitches to her face, warning them that she might look different. And now, because we are all nosy assholes, it’s become a whole mystery. This photo was taken in December, after the injury and it’s believed to be the only public photo of Carrie since the incident. (Dlisted) 

I was hoping we’d be done with the sheer lace thing in 2018. Clearly not. And given that everyone’s restricted to black on Sunday at the Golden Globes, they’ll have to get their variety in materials. Which means sheer and lace will probably be abundant. Jessica Chastain is getting a head start on that. It would have been a better look here if she pulled her hair up, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 

How long do you think the all-black dress code will last? Like will it extend to the SAGs and ultimately the Oscars? Probably not. Because apparently they’re running out of black outfits? (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s a new year and I will never give up my old love for quizzes. I didn’t just pass this quiz, I KILLED. That said, I was expected to kill it. Because I am not a millennial. Have I mentioned before what my favourite millennial poll question? I always ask a millennial if they’ve ever heard of Milli Vanilli. Milli Vanilli does’nt show up on this quiz, but they should. (Buzzfeed) 

Brad Pitt flirts the way many of us, who aren’t called Jennifer or Sarah, give our names at Starbucks. You have a Starbucks name, right? Duana wrote about this in her book, The Name Therapist. Her Starbucks name is “Dana”. My Starbucks name is “Ellen”. Brad Pitt’s Starbucks and “hi, I’m single” name is actually his real name. (The Cut) 

It’s always like this isn’t it? If you have wavy or curly hair, you want straight hair. And if you have straight hair (me) you do all kinds of sh-t to it to make it wavy. We’re all just doing crazy sh-t to our hair all the time. Like putting actual irons on to it? That’s Nina Dobrev’s story. (Teen Vogue)