Jessica Chastain went to the San Sebastian Film Festival—her new film has a SAG waiver—dressed in a bright yellow suit. At first glance, I really liked it, but the more I look at it, the more it looks like something out of Dick Tracy. The color, the splash of red, the proportions…it’s giving comic book character. (Go Fug Yourself)


A million years ago, when I was pursuing stand-up comedy, Dane Cook was super supportive and encouraging to me. I have no idea what has happened with him in the years since, except he made a bunch of money, lost a bunch of money (his brother embezzled from him), and he stopped being the rockstar of comedy. To this day, I have rarely seen a comic command a room—huge rooms, stadiums—the way Dane could. Other comics can do big shows, but Dane could amp up a crowd like a frontman. Anyway, Dane, 51, married his “long-time” 24-year-old girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, over the weekend. He met her when she was 17. Again, no idea what happened to this guy, but that is the center of Yikesville. (Celebitchy)

“Content” has become my least favorite word. We absolutely have to stop referring to creative endeavors as “content”. (Pajiba)


Martin Scorsese is once again talking about the state of cinema. I’m sure people are already mad at him for talking about how we need other stuff in theaters than superhero movies, but he’s not wrong. He also brings up the need for theaters themselves to work to make the movie-going experience better for audiences (so…someone finally took Scorsese to a non-Manhattan AMC, huh?). 

Honestly, after Netflix buying Hit Man, a wild crowd-pleaser made for audiences, I just don’t think the problem is fixable. Studios are still scared to risk anything on smaller/mid-budget movies as theatrical releases. Those used to be the meat and potatoes of cinemas. Without them, we’ll only get the too-big-to-fail blockbusters. Sure, sometimes we’ll get a Barbie or Oppenheimer, but even those movies came with name directors, stacked ensemble casts, and high concept stories to drive audience interest (just like Killers of the Flower Moon, his first wide release since 2016’s Silence). I agree with everything Scorsese is saying, I just don’t think it matters. The battle was lost 10 years ago. (British GQ)

An interview with food photographer Louiie Victa. I always wonder how people become food photographers, and hers is an interesting journey. (Eater)