Yesterday I offered style notes to Jessica Simpson on the outfit she was wearing – click here if you missed it. Later on in the day…? Guess what happened?

She modified the outfit!

I’m not saying she took MY notes. But she evidently took someone’s notes. Which were similar to mine. A bloused shirt like that over a skirt that short isn’t the way to wear it. Not if your style is body-con. The crop that she turned it into was exactly my point. Because then you bring out the curves from breasts to waist to hips. It’s totally an improvement, non?

Unfortunately she did not take the notes on the sunglasses and the hair. The hair pulled up and back would improve this look even more. But she appears to be too into those new extensions. Still, it’s worth noting. If she’s willing to take notes, I have a lot more.


Color ✔️ #LockAndBlock ✔️ 👯 ✔️ Love You @ritahazan

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