Dear Gossips,

When I found out yesterday that Jia Tolentino wrote a profile for The New Yorker about Gloria Allred?


I f-cking love that. I love having something saved, written by a writer who always delivers. I love looking forward to it throughout the day. When it’s finally time I practically squeal getting into bed. And if Jacek comes upstairs before I’m done, I actually get mad at him for interfering. Which is what happened last night. I needed to be alone with Jia and Gloria. 

How do you feel about Gloria? For many of you it’s an eyeroll, right? Because she’s always in front of the cameras. Because her cases are often so tawdry. That’s in the piece, what Gloria’s critics say about her – she’s an “ambulance chaser”, she’s a famewhore, she’s a stunt queen, she undermines her feminist crusades by representing clients who barely meet the criteria – and Jia’s role here is not to defend those criticisms, she does not attempt to. But she does put them to Gloria whose answers are… well… she either doesn’t answer or her answer is that she doesn’t want to bother with answers because she has too much work to do. Work that’s primarily in service of women who are being treated unfairly, women who have been harassed, women who have not been entitled to equal justice – by men in Hollywood, men in business, and men in government.

And that, for me at least, is what was so fascinating about this profile – since a profile of Gloria Allred is a profile of Gloria’s work, and whether or not she’s showing her work. Duana and I started the Show Your Work podcast because we are obsessed with the mechanics of work. Here’s a 76 year old woman who not only can’t stop working but is LOUD about her work, whose work has always been controversial, whose work has been disruptive – and when Gloria’s been disruptive, when she’s f-cking sh-t up, she would argue that she’s almost always f-cking up the sh-t of men who would otherwise be fine.

You may disagree with Gloria Allred. A lot. Me too. But what would it be like if she wasn’t around to be disagreed with?

Click here to read Jia Tolentino’s New Yorker profile on Gloria Allred.

Yours in gossip,