Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have been doing their “they hate each other” bit for years and years now. Probably it’s gotten a little old…at least before the pandemic. Since the pandemic, maybe it’s a source of comfort, something familiar, a thing that you know that, no matter what, they’ll keep doing, they’ll keep trying to punk each other.


It’s been a while though since Jimmy and Matt updated their ongoing “feud”, and COVID probably has something to do with that, but Jimmy went there last night during his monologue. It was during a section about the stupidity of QAnon and he starts to spin his own ludicrous conspiracy theory about who’s really behind the crazy, the person who started it in the first place…

“Satan’s lamest agent”, Matt Damon. Or, as he clarifies, “Matt Demon”. Start at the 10 minute mark if you don’t want to watch what comes before it which is Jimmy talking about what a piece of sh-t Donald Trump is. 



So far Matt has yet to come up with a response but perhaps yesterday’s monologue laid the groundwork for some kind of retort. 

Matt was photographed by the paps yesterday – and once again he stopped by Ben Affleck’s. This time he was wearing a new “workwear” hat and, for those of you who’ve been following along, he was not wearing a band on his wedding finger. As some of you have pointed out and written to me about, he has been wearing a band on his left hand, which does not appear to the same as his wedding ring. Again, as I’ve been saying, this is probably nothing. Even though he used to wear it all the time when he wasn’t working, this doesn’t have to mean anything. Maybe the ring got worn out with all the COVID handwashing. Maybe after 15 years of marriage, he’s upgrading his ring and it’s not ready yet. And besides, if there was actually anything going on, would Jimmy be joking about him being the Keyser Soze of QAnon?