I’ve just spent too much time watching this over and over again. It’s mesmerising. And… I’m not a cat person. But these cats just turned into the Avengers for me. Only I think these cats have better moves. Like the moves are so f-cking good, I’m hoping Beyoncé takes inspiration from them and choreographs her next video to their tricks. (Dlisted) 

I mentioned earlier that early reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story were reassuringly positive. Deadpool 2 is now screening for advance audiences and the reaction to that also seems positive. So …what’s going to be the critical blockbuster bomb of the year? There are many candidates left to come. (Pajiba)

These shots of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at the Yankees Red Sox game remind me of the times she went to the Red Sox games with Ben Affleck. Ben liked to sit in the stands. JLo and ARod are in the box. With Ben, she looked more and more bored. But selfies weren’t a thing back then. Would that have made a difference though? (TMZ)
I was just saying at the Met Gala that, because of the theme, there were fewer sheer dresses than we’d normally see otherwise. This is what happens when sheer dresses have to be put on hold for one event  - they come back in multiples and everywhere at the next event(s). (Go Fug Yourself) 
I really, really want to see Book Club. Come on. That cast? Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Diane Keaton? How often are four women over 60 in a movie together? And on a press tour together? Talking about injections and the unattractive way your skin folds when you’re kissing!?!  (Cele|bitchy) 

Thanks for your emails and tweets today about how you gave Rihanna your money. As mentioned in today’s open, one of the reasons Rihanna is doing so well, in makeup and lingerie, is because she’s telling consumers who’ve been ignored that they matter to her. You’ve seen the models for Savage X Fenty. They are not like the models we typically see in lingerie ads. One of those models is Lulu Bonfils. Here’s a great profile on Lulu and how she came to rep Rihanna.  (Teen Vogue)