I don’t remember seeing Dumbo when I was a kid which is why I did not know this story. And now I am straight up traumatised by this trailer. Maybe it’s because I’m still have the raccoon feels but … what is going to happen to this poor little elephant?! I thought these were children’s stories. How did you all make it through your childhoods knowing this kind of pain? WHYYYYYY did I even watch this? (Dlisted) 

As far as red dresses go, this one on Bryce Dallas Howard is pretty great. The sleeves are really pretty on her. I like the darkness of the belt and the clash in materials. The slit up the thigh seems unnecessary though and I wonder how the overall look would change if her bangs weren’t so thick. Or if there were no bangs at all. It just seems like such a curtain over her face that’s not quite right when her shoulders and neck area are so lovely and open. (Go Fug Yourself) 

JLo says she’s not in a rush to marry ARod. Are you telling me that if he asked tomorrow she wouldn’t say yes? More importantly…there may be a Jennifer Lopez skincare line on the way. And even though I know it’s mostly about genes and the secret sauce that’s embedded into her DNA in particular, I’ll probably still give her my money. It’s not that she’s ageless. It’s not even that she looks the same now compared to when she was younger. It’s that she looks BETTER as she ages. How does that work!? (Cele|bitchy) 

Quiz Time! Put together a dinner party and somehow the quiz will tell you how famous you’ll become. My top level of fame, apparently, is “restaurant chef”. What. The. F-ck. So I’m Guy Fieri now? Anyway, the last option in the quiz, out of four options, involves Rihanna. Um, I’m sorry, but who’s the person who isn’t picking Rihanna for their dinner party? I don’t want to know you. But I am curious as to how you could make that decision. (Buzzfeed) 

Let’s talk about “mandals”: sandals for men. Are you in or not in? I’m not opposed when I can that, say, the beach is nearby. Or someone is walking their dogs, in the summer and, again, the beach is nearby. Dwyane Wade in sandals? No problem. Shuri had a problem with her brother, T’Challa, aka the Black Panther, wearing sandals in her lab and, yeah, I get it. Nobody wants to argue with Shuri. I’ll side with Shuri even over Chadwick Boseman. I think I might be able to handle Charlie Hunnam in sandals but I want to see it first just to be sure. Jared Leto should never wear sandals. He would totally try though. So I guess I’m not totally against them but, rather, I’m against certain men in mandals? (The Cut) 

It’s Way Back Wednesday. Time for some Gossip Nostalgia. Remember when Diddy and Ashton Kutcher used to be best friends? I know. I almost forgot too. But Diddy showing up to judge the rap battle between Ashton and James Corden reminded me of the white parties he used to throw on the Fourth of July. The last white party happened almost 10 years ago. Ashton and Demi were still married. We were innocent then. (Mashable)