Jennifer Lopez wore a tiny vest at an event over the weekend. I mean, it’s tiny but she looks amazing. As does Ava Duvernay and I feel like we’re not talking about this enough lately – how f-cking great Ava has been on the red carpet over the last few months. Jeremy Allen White was also there in a dark blue linen suit which is the most clothes I’ve seen on him in a while. (Go Fug Yourself) 


A trailer for the Squid Game reality show has been released and I’m already stressed watching it. Nobody is going to die…but the conditions don’t look great for the participants. Yes, it’s a LOT of money. But it’s also a LOT of anxiety. I would decline the invitation based on vanity alone. These people are going to come out of this game AGED. (Vulture) 

I have not watched Survivor since season one, maybe season two. It’s been so long I can’t remember anymore. The fact that there have been 45 seasons? This is bananas to me but it obviously means that a lot of people are still watching. This time, around, it sounds like some of the contestants aren’t doing much justice to the spirit of the game – which is that you have to be tough as f-ck, mentally and physically…and the current cohort does not seem to be tough at all; they are quitters. Quitting is what would happen if I was on Survivor. That’s why I have never aspired to be on Survivor, I know I wouldn’t make it, I’m too weak. What are these weak ass players doing on this show?! (Pajiba) 


Prince Harry was at the Austin Grand Prix this weekend as a guest of Mercedes and judging from all the footage I’ve seen, it looks like Toto is a fan. Hasn’t been a great season for Mercedes, Toto, and Lewis though. So the tabloids will probably find a way to blame Harry and Meghan Markle for it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Since I’m an incorrigible perv, OF COURSE I clicked on this headline. It’s about how astronauts could f-ck in space if they really wanted to. Apparently they used to think that erections weren’t possible in space. Please. As if gravity would be a problem for a dick. It may just be the opposite – there have been reports that dicks can get are extra, extra hard in space. They call it Space Viagra! (Mashable)