I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Avengers: Endgame timeline so I have no brain space left to figure out what, exactly, an alternate universe Kanye West played by Jaden Smith looks like. All I can tell you is that this is perfect casting. And that my fried mind is now picturing this like Sliding Doors, Yeezy edition. What if Kanye didn’t get on the Kardashian train? What if the doors closed on him? Is that what this show is about? Remember, this is an alternate universe, so just because he didn’t get in the door in one reality, he did in another, so I’m not erasing his children here – his children are fine in their universe. There’s just another universe where he missed the train and… AND? Or was this Kanye always inevitable? (Dlisted) 

Oh hi, it’s my weekly reminder to you all that you should be watching Killing Eve because it’s SO good – dark, hilarious, exciting, and the acting is top level. Not just Sandra Oh but Jodie Comer too. I feel like Villanelle could go face to face with Arya Stark. Speaking of her face though – Jodie Comer says she wears sunscreen every day, no matter the weather, no matter the season. Agree. So do I. Also my sunscreen is tinted so it’s also works as a foundation, only better, because I hate foundation, it never sits right on my skin which is why I avoid it. Matte sunscreen absorbs so nicely and doesn’t look oily. (Cele|bitchy) 

Ashanti looks great in this floral suit. SO good. The Fug Girls aren’t into the belt but I feel like the belt actually makes the look better. You? (Go Fug Yourself) 
Last week in this space, I WTFed Pajiba’s Kate Hudson for saying that the Night King could get it. Kate is still trying to make her case even though, you know. I enjoy all of Kate’s articles but, this time, here’s why she’s wrong: because the Night King is NOTHING. Which is why last week had to happen. Because he was going nowhere. Because there was nowhere to go. Because he is the most boring character – even more boring than Catelyn Stark, and you know how much I hated that dumbass. You can’t get it when you have no personality. (Pajiba) 

Tom Brady had dinner with Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon in LA this week. What do you think they talked about? You know how you’re not supposed to talk about money, religion, or politics over dinner? Jimmy and Matt have made it very clear how they feel about Donald Trump. Do you think they’re tempted to tell Tom Brady to not go to the White House? (TMZ)  

One bad bitch trolls another bitch. I love this story. And now I think I need a reality show starring Rihanna and Charlize Theron just walking around shutting down misogynists or, as Sarah calls them, diaper babies. True superheroes. (Buzzfeed)