Dear Gossips,

It's Oscar Saturday! This weekend, all weekend, is a work weekend. Which is why so many celebrities make a point of being in LA on Oscar weekend, even if they're not nominated or they don't have films to promote. A lot of work happens at the parties. To talk about a project they want to develop or want to be considered for. To get in front of the right people. Or just to be around the vibe, hoping some of that energy will transfer onto them.  

We're doing some quick hits today on the site, photos from the parties or other events that are happening. And of course the Spirit Awards take place today. So some of those shots will be included on the main page as well.

Already we have Oscar-related updates too. It's been reported that Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence will be presenting the Best Actor Oscar tomorrow night, breaking with tradition, as Casey Affleck dropped out a few weeks ago given the past sexual harassment allegations against him. As I predicted, since Jennifer's Red Sparrow opened this weekend, she indeed will have a presence at the Oscars. I'm curious to see if she'll walk the carpet or if she'll skip it and just show up on stage. Many of them opt to bypass the carpet when they're presenting and not nominated.

There's more to say. And we will get to all of it, if not today then tomorrow night, starting at around 2am ET. 

Also the etalk Ultimate Oscar Guide airs tonight on CTV at 7pm! And tomorrow, it's etalk At The Oscars, from the red carpet, starting at 530pm ET, followed by Danielle Graham and I livestreaming from the Oscar balcony on etalk Live on Twitter, Facebook,, and

Looking forward to your comments and tweets. Have a great Oscar weekend!

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