No better way to start the week – here are Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson in New York this weekend out for a walk with their baby who is almost a year old now?! Howwwwww….? 


I know, I know we’ve all been talking about how it’s been a year of time suspension and I’m sorry for repeating it but in my mind she was pregnant like five minutes ago. Early on in the pandemic, we’d see them going for walks, and they were in LA in the weeks before their daughter was born, and my brain is still caught up there and now look at her, with her little bun and her big cheeks and if it seems quick for me, imagine how it is for them. 

Did you read Jodie’s Mother’s Day piece for British Vogue a couple of weeks ago? She writes about being pregnant, and having a baby during the pandemic. She writes about how her body changed, the decisions she made ahead of actually giving birth that she’s revisiting now because no one can possibly be prepared, despite all the preparation, for how they feel physically and mentally afterwards. I love what she shares about Joshua, about how he was “willing to follow me around the world” because she was shooting a movie during her second trimester and he didn’t want to miss a moment of her pregnancy. And I definitely appreciate her taking the opportunity to illuminate readers on the reality of childbirth for Black women in the United States: 


“We had already decided on a home birth, because of concerns about negative birth outcomes for Black women in America – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk of pregnancy-related deaths is more than three times greater for Black women than for white women, pointing, it seems to me, to systemic racism.”

And now here they are, still busy, but as bonded as ever. They’ve been in NYC the last few months as Joshua has been shooting Dr Death. 

Can we talk about how badass this stroller is? With the golden wings? 


Also, clearly people haven’t picked up on the fact that their child’s name might not be Janie. I was late to that too but I’ve since been told. More people need to be told because they’re still referring to her everywhere as Janie. Which means Jodie’s eye is still twitching.