I just posted about Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny at Gucci in the previous post and here we are focusing on the new era of Gucci, the post Alessandro Michele era. The dominance of Gucci over the last decade is largely because of Michele’s influence which is why there’s so much extra interest in what his successor, Sabato de Sarno, would bring to the brand. But that also means that Gucci needed to really, really fill the front row for his show – since Gucci has been so deeply connected with celebrity these last few years. 


The point is to make sure people understand that the stars weren’t leaving with Michele. And so many of them didn’t. Julia Roberts, Jessica Chastain, Jodie Turner-Smith…and Ryan Gosling all showed up. Gucci spent the MONEY on this debut. You know who’s been closely tied to Gucci though who wasn’t in Milan? Jared Leto. He was performing in Vegas this weekend so it might have just been a scheduling thing but if the new era of Gucci means that Jared is done with Gucci then, to me, it’s already an improvement. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This “Conservative Quiet Code” is what people of colour have been clocking forever. And our response to their secret code is a secret look, LOL, which is probably not all that secret either. Is this a parody? It has to be a parody, right?! (The Mary Sue)


I did not know that this was a thing until five minutes ago when I read this post, because I don’t watch Bravo shows, and yes, I know I’m in the minority. So many of you may be very familiar with this phenomenon: the Bravo breakup revenge outfit. And even though I’m totally ignorant to what the f-ck is happening in these storylines, I am very much here for a revenge outfit and this might be the thing that gets me watching. (Pajiba) 

Not Elon Musk just casually showing up to a video game studio with a gun and telling people he wanted them to make him a character. (Cele|bitchy) 

An update on the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas situation. They’ve both consented to keep their children temporarily in New York after Sophie sued him last week for withholding the kids’ passports. Joe originally filed for divorce in Florida but then Sophie came with the receipts about where, exactly, their daughters were spending time. I wonder what this will mean in the long run. New York isn’t the UK but it definitely isn’t Florida. (People)